Signup Agreement

File Size
You should upload the Largest File Size your camera can produce.

File type and Compression
Finished image files should be saved in the JPEG format using maximum quality setting. Do not save for web or any other settings that can lost Exif data.

IPTC (Photoshop file Info) Fields
Leave all IPTC fields empty. Do not insert anything. Captions, photographer name, copyright and other needed data will be inserted in website fields.

Captions need basic information about your picture. Your caption needs to answer basic questions like Who? What? Why? Where? How?
System will automatically insert the photo creation date from picture`s EXIF. Also your name as photographer is submitted when you upload pictures from your panel.

Policy on Altered Images
If for any reason an image is altered from the original (excluding dust removal, etc.), it is imperative that you make us aware of it.

Our editors accept images from many states depending on time of day. Please email us for any questions or issues.